Our best friends & neighbours


Who are they?

Bourne Space is a group of a group of serviced offices and event space located in Bourne Park, right above us at Urban Garden. They offer a range of services from free health & fitness classes, networking events & parties, super speedy WiFi, gorgeous meeting spaces and lots of other bits and bobs that really make them much more than just office space.

Plus, when your company joins in with the Bourne love - they’ll get a free Hug Club card from us lovely lot downstairs and access to special Urban lunch menus that are soon to come.


Why do we love them?

Well, not only are they an amazing bunch of humans - they have helped us make our dreams of the Urban Garden come true. They love to support local, and their vision is something we truly believe in.

They have a bunch of gorgeous spaces to work in too, check the photos. We’d highly recommend Bourne Space to any company or firm of any size who are looking for not only inspiring spaces, but to go to work every day feeling like they aren’t even at work at all.


WHERE can you find them?

Like we mentioned previously - we are lucky enough to live RIGHT below the Bourne Park offices. There are three buildings accessible from Exeter Park Road in Bournemouth town centre.

Bourne also have some more beautiful spaces to work (and play - it even has a rooftop terrace with WiFi!) on Hinton Road. You can check out the two locations on the maps below.


How can you learn more?

To learn all about what Bourne Space stand for, see more amazing pictures of their office space and what you can expect when you join them, give their website a visit.

Pop them an email here: info@bournespace.com 

Or give the lovely humans at Bourne head office a call: 01202 201000

P.S. Their instagram account is awesome too. They’re proper hip and trendy. Give them some love: @bourne__space