Who are they?

The Bournemouth Parks Foundation is a small, independently formed charity who raise funds and awareness for Bournemouth's beautiful green spaces. They are very important to us - particularly as we are living right in the middle of one of the many things they strive to look after - Bournemouth Gardens.

The Bourne Awesome juice bar

The Bourne Awesome juice bar

Bournemouth Parks have a range of projects, goals and fun things that you can learn more about on their website.

Why do we love them?

Well, we love them because they love Bournemouth - just like us. They look after the space that surrounds us and they are and independent charity that are made up of real, passionate people.

We love them so much that 20% of profits from our juices and smoothies at the Urban Garden goes straight to Bournemouth Parks. The juices and smoothies we serve come straight from our juice bar ‘Bourne Awesome’ in Bournemouth Square, who also donate 20% of their juicy profit to the charity.

can you get involved?

You can of course purchase one of our delicious juices to donate a little bit of money to Bournemouth Parks Foundation, or visit their website to learn about their partners, projects and volunteering.

We found this handy little video to show you a bit more about Bournemouth Parks x